Welcome to our Pediatric Gastroenterology group

GI for Kids, PLLC is East Tennessee’s premier Pediatric Gastroenterology group. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, we serve all of East Tennessee and surrounding areas. We are staffed with three of the area’s finest board certified Pediatric Gastroenterologists, four Nurse Practitioners, a Physician Assistant, and one Registered Dietitian.  Our group is highly trained and experienced in treating all types of pediatric gastrointestinal conditions and diseases. In caring for our patients, our staff considers the social, emotional and nutritional needs of each child. We also recognize and support research to prevent, diagnose, and treat multiple gastrointestinal health problems in children.

Our Clinic

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital (ETCH) is proud to have a stand-alone endoscopy suite, which is one of the few in the country solely dedicated to children. This endoscopy suite was named in honor of Dr. Al-Tawil due to his dedication and diligence in providing excellent care to area children. The suite is supported by multiple pediatric specialists that include surgeons, anesthesiologists, intensive care specialists, radiologists, hematologists, and other specialists on call to help our team of gastroenterologists manage and care for these children.

We are now excited to announce that we are providing in-office ultrasound, lab services, and Anal Rectal Manometry to better serve our patients and families.

The infusion department is located in our clinic to provide Remicade infusions and Humira treatments. The infusion room is equipped with a TV, comfortable reclining chairs and an experienced infusion nurse, making treatment as pleasant as possible.

Inpatient care is provided while the child is in the hospital by a team that includes a nurse practitioner and a pediatric GI physician.

We are now currently accepting new patients and existing patients in our 3 satellite clinics located in Morristown, Cleveland, and Crossville, Tennessee.

Our Programs



Nutrition4All – We are committed to providing healthy food options to everyone. At GI for Kids we have the tools, including allergy scratch testing and Knoxville’s only lab capable of testing food allergies locally, to help diagnose and treat a multitude of conditions.  Nutrition for you, Nutrition4All!

KidsFACT – is a support group for patients with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Each year, a fund raising event such as a rodeo, golf tournament, or family fall fest raises awareness and support for kids and their families living with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

KidsFACT wants to keep patients informed about the latest medical, dietary, and psychological advances and recommendations for those suffering from this disease.

Poop Scoop Newsletter

A newsletter designed for those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, as well as their loved ones.

Celi-Act – and Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance is a support group, organized by one of the dieticians, for individuals with Celiac disease. Our practice sponsors one of the largest vendor fairs in North America for celiac disease and gluten free foods each year with 75 plus vendors and 2,000 plus individuals and families attending.

GI for Kids Newsletter is a quarterly publication sent to area physicians that features different topics, including related resources offered by our practice.