A Visit to the Emergency Room

If your child is very sick, or you are worried that something is wrong, he or she should be taken to the nearest Emergency Room.

It is important for you to tell the Emergency Room doctor that your child is a patient of GI for Kids (for example: sees Dr. Al-Tawil for reflux).

Make sure you tell the Emergency Room doctor all the medicine your child is taking (for example: Prevacid in the morning and Zantac every night at bedtime). If you could bring your child’s prescription bottles to the Emergency Room it would help you remember the medication, dose, time given, and frequency.

The doctor in the Emergency Room will talk to the doctor on-call for GI for Kids. Together, they will decide if your child can be treated and sent home or stay in the hospital for more tests and observation.

If your child is taken care of in the Emergency Room and then sent home, you will need to let your child’s stomach doctor know. They may need a recheck in our office in the next 1-2 days.

If your child is admitted to the hospital, the on-call doctor and/or our inpatient nurse practitioner will see your child the next day.

Almost all patients will have blood work and sometimes X-rays or ultrasounds to help find the cause of your child’s illness. Most of the test results come back the same day. Some of the tests we order can take 10-15 days to come back, so those results will be given to you when the child comes back to the office for a recheck.

If your child is having multiple problems (for example: trouble breathing, fevers, seizure activity, skin rash, etc), your child will be admitted to the Children’s Pediatric Group (CPG). CPG is a group of pediatricians who take care of children that have more than one problem at a time.

Our on-call doctor and/or our inpatient nurse practitioner will still see your child if they are admitted to the CPG. Several other doctors may also see your child (lung doctors, skin doctors, surgeons, etc). Each of these doctors is a very important part in helping your child get better.

Once your child is feeling better, they will be discharged to go home from the hospital. They will be seen at our office for a recheck 2 weeks after they are sent home from the hospital. More tests may be ordered if your child is still having problems.