Pediatric Gastronenterologists Al-Tawil and Ammar voted Top Docs in 2015

Al-tawil and Ammar 017

Each year, Cityview magazine calls on working physicians in the Knoxville medical community to recognize what physicians they would recommend if they, a patient, or a loved one needed specialized care. Pokies, the Australian slang for slot machines, are now available for real money play across many online casinos throughout Australia play pokies for real money. According to City view:

“This is not a popularity contest or a paid survey, but rather the opinions of the practicing physicians on the front lines of the healthcare industry. Physicians offer a unique perspective on healthcare. While they are known to their patients as providers, physicians are also patients of their peers. They are both the healer and the healed. They see their profession from either side—and what could be more telling than that? In this year’s Top Docs listing, we recognize more than 400 physicians who have been honored by their peers as the most outstanding providers in their fields”.

Dr. Youhanna Al-Tawil and Dr. Samar Ammar are two gastroenterologists recognized as part of the Top Docs of 2015, and  two of the three gastroenterologists here at GIforKids.