Pediatric Gastroenterology Specialists in East Tennessee

Serving the East Tennessee and the surrounding areas, GI for Kids PLLC is proud to be the premier pediatric gastroenterology group in the state. Providing the best care for babies, children and teenagers, our pediatric gastroenterology group understands that children are not small adults. As a child’s body grows, each has unique medical needs and will express concerns much differently than adults. It is hard for children to answer questions and can sometimes find it difficult to be cooperative and patient.

The pediatric gastroenterology specialists at GI for Kids PLLC focus on the unique problems that may occur with pediatric patients including emotional and physical development, maturation, and growth. Some of the treatments available include lactose intolerance, gastrointestinal tract bleeding, inflammatory bowel disease, severe gastroesophageal reflux, liver disease, chronic or acute abdominal pain, vomiting, chronic constipation or severe to chronic diarrhea. Du vil få informasjon om hva et online casino er, og hvordan de typiske casinoene fungerer her hos casinonorske.

Much has changed in the last decade or so with more children dealing with obesity. A pediatric gastroenterology specialist is trained to help deal with nutritional problems and can provide you and your kids with a low fat diet or other dietary solutions to help teach your children how and what to eat.

If your child is experiencing symptoms that may be helped by a pediatric gastroenterology specialist, schedule an appointment with your pediatrician or family physician today.