Summer Fast-Food Choices for Kids

Children today are eating more fast foods, more sugar-sweetened drinks, more snacks, and not eating breakfast. Fast food is ready-to-eat, low cost, and easy to take home and serve.  While fast food is considered to have less nutritional value and higher in calories, many of these restaurants are now working hard to improve their menus to offer more healthy foods.

It is summer, and children are out of school and families are involved in various activities outdoors. When it is time for lunch or dinner it may be easier to just stop at a fast food restaurant to pick up something.  One of the issues the pediatric gastroenterologists and dietitians at GI4kids prides itself on is offering parents and children the best information and advice on diet and exercise to prevent childhood obesity.

Below we have compared several foods we know kids love to eat—especially during the hot summer:

McDonalds – 240 calories, 12g protein, 8g fat
Burger King – 230 calories, 9g protein, 9g fat

*Ice Cream cones
McDonalds – 170 calories, 5g protein, 4.5g fat
Burger King – 160 calories, 4g protein, 4g fat
Chick-fil-A – 260 calories, 7g protein, 6g fat

*Chicken Sandwich
McDonalds – 370 calories, 14g protein, 17g fat
Burger King – 640 calories, 29g protein, 36g fat
Chick-fil-A – 440 calories, 28g protein, 18g fat

*French Fries
McDonalds – 230 calories, 2g protein, 11g fat
Burger King – 190 calories, 2g protein, 8g fat
Chick-fil-A – 310 calories, 3g protein, 16g fat

*Chicken nuggets
McDonalds – 190 calories, 9g protein, 12g fat
Burger King – 190 calories, 8g protein, 11g fat
Chick-fil-A – 270 calories, 28g protein, 13g fat

At GI for Kids, we offer a weight management program, Bee Fit 4 Kids, that can help parents and children learn healthy dietary habits and increasing their physical activity.


*Information taken directly from restaurant menus.