Health Issues During Roof Repair Projects

Building preservation is achievable with the help of proper re-roofing and roof repair and maintenance techniques. Unfortunately, during most re-roofing projects, roof tar odors reach into the atmosphere and pose a threat to the health of people. Efficient measures need to be taken in order to reduce these problems, and below we are going to mention a few of the most important solutions, especially for those of you who have children living in your household.

The Effects Of Exposure To Roof Tar Odors

  • Some of the most common health issue reported by people who have been exposed to roof tar odors refer to headaches and feelings of nausea. These matters can turn into acute problems, or they can be short term effects of your exposure to roof tar odors.

  • You and your children should notice the symptoms resolving a few hours' time after the exposure has been stopped. Nevertheless, there are also consequences that could affect one's health on the long term. Luckily, these problems are not expected to occur inside buildings during roofing projects.Roofing Services

  • Simply because you are able to smell roofing tar does not also mean that you are over exposed to it. It only means that the sulfur compounds found in roofing tar have very low odor thresholds.

  • Pregnant women who are exposed to roofing tar on the other hand may give birth to babies with defects. There is indirect evidence of this particular problem demonstrated by lab tests of roof tar. The studies indicate that roof tar extracts can change the DNA in fetal cells. However, these changes are more prone to become problematic for asphalt workers because of higher exposure levels to fumes. It would appear that building occupants are exposed to lower levels of roofing tar.

  • If you or your children are suffering from respiratory tract problems such as bronchitis or asthma, exposure to roof tar odors could cause aggravate your problems. If your child is suffering from asthma, try to organize a sleepover to a friend's or a relative's house and keep them away from your home while the roof is being renovated and the fumes are still in the air.

Let Experts Handle Your Roofing Needs

  • If you are planning a DIY re-roofing or roof repair project, but you do not have any or a lot of experience in the field, you might want to reconsider. Hire a roofing company like Prosco and let them handle everything for you.

  • There might be issues that you may not be aware of, unless you are an expert in roofing problems. If you have not had your roof properly inspected by a roof repairmen in a few years, you are highly advised to contact some pros.

  • Roof installation, roof leak repairs, waterproofing, eco roofing, gutter installation and cleaning, and even chimney repairs are all on the same list of services that professional roof repairmen can provide you with. Services like Prosco specialize in the entire array of roofing services, and you can check out their site for more information.

  • Do not open your operable windows if they are downwind from the roofing tar, or you will risk having the odors get into your home.

  • Set your A/C to recirculate air and avoid drawing outside air into the house.