Serum Infliximab/HACA Measurement

Remicade is given to patients who have Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. If the dose that is given doesn’t appear to be helping, or if the patient starts to show a reaction to the drug, the doctor may have a blood test done. Measuring serum infliximab levels in the blood can help the doctor decide the dose amount, how often the patient should get their infusion, or stop giving the drug because the body is starting to make an antibody against the drug called Human Anti-Chimeric Antibodies (HACA).

How the test is done

A blood sample is taken and sent off to a company that tests for HACA. It usually takes 8 days from the time they receive the sample to send back the results. The doctor can decide if the person should have their Remicade dose changed, or if they can no longer get the Remicade. If they can no longer take Remicade, another drug can be offered.