Replacing G-Tube

Replacing MIC-KEY G-Tube


  • MIC-KEY replacement GT set
  • Water (sterile, distilled water or saline)
  • Water soluble lubricant


  1. Gather the above supplies.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. Remove the new MIC-KEY feeding tube from the package; inflate the balloon with 5 ml water with the syringe supplied in the kit and then deflate with drawing the water.
  4. Remove the syringe form the GT and observe for leaks. The balloon should look symmetrical. If it is not symmetrical, roll gently between the fingers to free the balloon.
  5. Re-attach the syringe and withdraw the water and discard this water (but not the syringe).
  6. Lubricate the balloon of the new GT and set aside.
  7. Attach the syringe to the inflation port on the GT in the patient and withdraw the water. If no water can be removed, clean debris from the port and try again. If it can still not be withdrawn, use a paperclip to push the valve and release with water.
  8. Fill the syringe with 5 ml water.
  9. Gently remove the old GT from the stoma and insert the new GT in to the stoma.
  10. Hold the tube in place and inflate the balloon with 5 ml water.
  11. Wipe excess lubricant from the stoma area and check for leakage.
  12. Check the tube for correct placement by inserting an extension set into the feeding port, insert 5 mL of air and listen for the air swish and aspirate stomach contents.
  13. Check for leakage around the stoma. If leaking, you may add additional water to the balloon in 1 or 2 ml increments to a maximum of 10 ml total volume.
  14. If you are concerned the G-Tube is not placed in the correct portion of the stomach or any other complicating call your physician or go to the emergency room.