Bleed Scan

A bleed scan is a test used to find an area in the digestive (gastrointentional) system that is bleeding. The scan is done to locate the area bleeding. This will help the doctor decide on your medical treatment.

Before the Scan

There is nothing that has to be done to get ready to have the scan. However, you should not have any testing done that includes barium 48 hours prior to the scan.

If you would like, a numbing cream (EMLA) is offered to numb the area where the IV will be placed approximately one hour prior to the scan.

During the Scan

An intravenous needle (IV) will be placed in a vein in your arm to remove a small amount of blood. A nurse will then put chemicals in the blood. After approximately 30 minutes, the blood will be put back into your body. The chemicals that were added to your blood will help your doctor and nurse to see the location of bleeding in your body. A machine is used for imaging, and you will need to be very still for around 1 hour while it is taking pictures.

After the Scan

The doctor will talk to you about the results of the scan and any treatment needed.