The BRAVO® capsule is a wireless method to measure the amount of acid from the stomach that goes into the esophagus (acid reflux). In this procedure, the doctor passes a long, thin, flexible tube with a light on the end through the mouth and esophagus (an endoscopy). The tube goes down into the stomach and small intestine. As the doctor passes the tube, he or she looks at these areas and may take small samples of tissues called biopsies. The doctor will then attach a small recording device called a BRAVO capsule to the esophagus to record what the acid does inside the body.

Can My Child Take Medications Before A BRAVO Placement?

Your child should not take aspirin or NSAID products for one week prior to the procedure and should also stop  reflux medications 3-5 days before the procedure.

What Happens After a BRAVO Placement?

  • Your child will have a small pouch with a recording device within three feet of him that will be recording data from the BRAVO. You will be asked to record events on a log while the BRAVO is recording. The nurse will review all of the instructions with you and your child and give you an additional education sheet that will be attached to the BRAVO log.
  • Please call your doctor if your child has severe or persistent abdominal pain or chest pain, fever, difficulty swallowing or if he or she begins vomiting after BRAVO placement.
  • Certain medications are not recommended after BRAVO placement. Please discuss this with your doctor before leaving the hospital.
  • After BRAVO placement, a BRAVO receiver must be on or within three feet of your child. If the receiver is too far from the BRAVO capsule, a beep will be heard for 30 seconds and the display will flash C1 or C2. Move the receiver to your child’s breastbone until the beep stops and the C1 or C2 is no longer visible. Always keep the BRAVO receiver in a safe, dry place.
  • Usually within 30 days of placement the BRAVO capsule is passed naturally in a bowel movement. Most likely, you will be unaware of its passage. It does not need to be retrieved and can safely be flushed down the toilet.
  • Until the BRAVO capsule passes, all types of MRI must be avoided. If your child has an MRI examination scheduled, notify the radiologist. An X-ray may be needed to confirm passage of the capsule before the MRI can be done safely.

Your doctor will speak with you as soon as the procedure is done. If biopsies were obtained, it will take about five to seven days for results. The results of the BRAVO will take about two weeks.

If you have any questions about an upcoming test, procedure or any other aspect of your child’s treatment, please call the GI For Kids office at 865-546-3998.


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