Food Allergy Skin Test

Your doctor may order this test for you if he/she suspects that you have food allergies. When a person is allergic to a certain food, he/she may experience several symptoms including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, swelling of the lips, mouth, or tongue, in addition to others. It is important to find out which foods you are allergic to, so you can effectively avoid eating the food or foods that contain the ingredient.

What the procedure involves

A Food Allergy Skin Test involves placing a small amount of a particular food extract onto a person’s arm or back and which is then pricked with a needle to see if the skin reacts. This test may also be done by using a needle that has been soaked in food extract to prick the top layer of the skin. Rarely does the patient even feel this tiny prick. If there is a small red bump at the site of the prick, then the child MAY be allergic to that food. The test may indicate a food allergy when the child is not actually allergic. This may be because the food that was tested has a similar component to another food that the child is actually allergic to, thereby giving a positive result. The entire testing will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

After the Test

If your results are positive, your doctor will automatically refer you to see one of our dieticians in order for you to learn about foods to avoid and tips for managing the intolerance. You may also call our office to make an appointment (865) 546-3998.