IBD Serology 7 Testing

PROMETHEUS© IBD Serology 7 is the most comprehensive Inflammatory Bowel Disease test available. This test is a blood test to help your physician determine if you have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and if so, which type: Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease. The test includes markers to detect various antibodies thought to be linked to IBD. For example, one type of antibody tested (pANCA) is detected in 50-65% of Ulcerative Colitis patients. The ASCA antibody is detected in 55-60% of Crohn’s patients. Other components of this blood test help to distinguish the level of severity of the IBD. The results of this test may also help your physician to determine the best course of treatment.

What will the test involve?

If your doctor orders this test, you will have blood drawn in the lab that will be tested for specific markers of IBD.

After the Test

You will get the test results at your next appointment with your doctor, which is usually scheduled for around 4 weeks after your blood is drawn for testing.

Your doctor will use these test results in conjunction with other test results in order to make your diagnosis and determine your treatment plan. Some of these tests may include a Bleed Scan, Upper GI Series, or a CT Scan in order to detect any areas of bleeding or blockages. Also, an Upper Endoscopy, colonoscopy, or capsule endoscopy are frequently used in conjunction with this the IBD Serology 7 Test in order to inspect the GI tract and to aid with diagnosis. In addition, stool testing such as a Calprotectin Stool Test or a Lactoferrin Stool Test is commonly done in order to rule out certain bacteria or parasites as the cause of symptoms.