Sitz Pellet Marker Study

The Sitz Pellet Marker Study is usually requested for patients who are suffering from chronic constipation or possible slow transit constipation. The test uses tiny “markers” to see how fast food moves through the intestines. The markers show up on an x-ray and let the physician track their progress through the patients gastrointestinal system.

If one of the physicians at GI for Kids, PLLC believes this study will help determine what is going on with your child, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Before you leave the office, you will receive a blue piece of paper from the medical staff with 3 important dates.
  2. The first date will probably be the same day you are seen in the office. You will need to take your child to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital (ETCH) for a baseline x-ray of their abdomen.
  3. The second date is when you child will need to swallow the capsule containing the markers. The capsule must be swallowed in the morning.
    • If your child cannot swallow the capsule, the capsule may be opened and mixed in applesauce or pudding. It is very important that the child swallows all 24 rings.
  4. The third date will be 5 days after your child swallows the capsule. On that date you child will need to return to ETCH for a follow-up x-ray of their abdomen. The radiologist will read the x-ray and count the number of markers remaining in the colon.

You will receive the test results along with a plan of care at your follow-up appointment with the physician.