Rollout of KidsFACT Newsletter “Poop Scoop” 2015

Over the years of serving pediatric patients, we have seen more patients with a chronic disorder called Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which includes both Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. While the exact cause is unknown, it may affect any age, males and females, and, while it can affect one child, it often runs in families. Realizing the great need for families affected by this disease to have a place to come together in a casual setting to share stories, talk about treatments, and support each other, Dr. Youhanna Al-Tawil, through the GI for Kids clinic, started this non-profit group called KIDSFACT.

The mission statement defines this non-profit group. On a daily basis, KIDSFACT strives to improve the quality of life and advance the latest information on IBD to better treatments and ultimately some day to a cure. KIDSFACT raises awareness through sponsoring educational seminars, fundraising events, family activities, and research opportunities. A newsletter will be another avenue to reach these patients and families, as well as broaden its mission to the community. The roll-out of the first issue of “Poop Scoop” is scheduled for April, 2015. Please contact Ashley Treadway if you are interested in receiving this newsletter.